Dec 15, 2019

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I (Nicole) are sold as well ;-) my sexy underwear. Reports with easy data - panties - on the subject. Then we can talk about something else Now you can see with me through webcam! Hello Nicole and Matías, my friend (23) and (22) looking for a YOU :-) With which we can live our erotic fantasies! ? PS ... If you've ever been here, you can hire to perpetuate in our guestbook :-)! Even if you have bought one of our videos, an evaluation * very hihi! 11/27/2009 We are both very busy today and at first you can respond to emails often, which will last approximately until Christmas ... Writing, of course, you can still come .... answer, but the stop takes a little longer. 11/13/2009 If the image is in someone of me and they ask us, then they must show what is erstmal of him. We think very boldly that everyone always wants to have, but nothing to show in themselves and not send anything. 05/23/2009 If you don't take the meeting seriously, you should rather ask for it! We are tired of identifying what you set and then get 2 minutes before cancellation ne or, better yet, one that is not easy! We are quite skeptical about the meeting and go as far as erstmal at bay and let the slow development! I'm sorry for the people who want us to know, but thanks for the black chickpea from MDH! (This is a priority for men!) 04/27/2009 MDH once again had great problems, we were able to sign with us at night time, no more, unfortunately = /! 02/25/2009 We are online again 02/11/2009 Sooo ... after much back and forth hats have now worked with date nem. This Saturday we are making definitive progress if we have full Internet connection ... questionable on the Telekom ;-) ... therefore, have a little patience, you can take some bevel with answers ...! 01/30/2009 Our decision to move, unfortunately, A few weeks ago, our moving helpers are the most affected, therefore, our Internet service is still maintained. 01/28/2009 We are entering our new apartment on 31.01.2009 and erstmal wait until mid / end of February do not have Internet. I don't think they don't answer, you can only have one answer :-) little! Of course you can still leave your messages, ;-) happy with the email attachment. We will reply as soon as possible again! MemoriesNici & Matze

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